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FL Studio 20 Signature Bundle EDU BOX

Signature Bundle EDU

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Parametry produktu
Kod produktu : SUP_nj15818
Producent : IMAGE-LINE
Typ : EDU License
AAX native : NIE
Liczba efektów : 14
Liczba instrumentów wirtualnych : 60
Obsługa Surround : NIE
Zapis nutowy : NIE
Odtwarzanie video : TAK
Sprzętowe wej/wyj : 103
Ścieżki instrumentalne : 500
Ścieżki midi : 500
Maks. rozdzielczość : 32 bit
Ścieżki Audio : 125
Wersja : Pudełkowa (klucz licencyjny)
Maks. częstotliwość próbkowania (kHz) : 192 kHz
Okres licencji : Licencja wieczysta+ darmowe dożywotnie aktualizacje
Liczba stanowisk : 1
Wersja językowa : Angielska
Platforma : MAC OS, WINDOWS
Nagrywanie źródeł zewnętrznych : TAK
Opis produktu

‌FL Studio 20, celebrating the 20 years of innovative developments and Lifetime Free Updates! FL Studio is the complete software music production environment, everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

The fastest way from your brain to your speakers

Key New Features

  • Mac version – FL Studio is now available as a 64 Bit native macOS application. Including support for Mac VST and AU plugins. Projects made on Mac and Windows are interchangeable. Project interoperability extends to 3rd party plugins installed on both platforms. Existing (Lifetime Free Updates) and new customers can unlock FL Studio for Mac and Windows at no extra cost. One license to rule them all!

  • Time Signatures – FL Studio now supports Time Signatures, including unlimited Time Signature changes, independently, in both the Playlist and Patterns (Piano rolls). FL Studio’s unique pattern system enables, simultaneous, multiple Time Signatures at any point in the Playlist.

  • In-situ rendering (‘freezing’) – Bounce selected Audio and Pattern Clips to audio. Options include; Consolidate Playlist Clip selections, Consolidate Playlist tracks, Render Clips to Audio, Render Clips to audio and replace source Pattern Clips. Use these features to compile audio-takes into a single Audio Clip, reduce CPU load by converting real-time synthesis and effects processing to audio or convert MIDI data to audio for further processing and resynthesis.

  • Playlist Arrangements – The Playlist now supports multiple 'Arrangements' (Playlists). Each Arrangement is the complete layout of Audio, Automation and Pattern Clips. Users can now work with multiple versions of their project saving ideas, sound design and ‘arrangements’.

  • Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) – PDC and Automatic PDC have been rebuilt, from the ground up, to support today’s complex workflows. Manual and Auto-PDC can now co-exist. Updates include: Mixer send compensation, Wet/Dry mixer FX compensation, Audio input compensation, Metronome compensation, Plugin Wrapper custom values remembered per-plugin and improved PDC controls in the Mixer.

    FL Studio 12 to 20? - To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of FL Studio we’re moving to a year-based numbering system. This is why the jump from FL Studio 12.5 to FL Studio 20.0.

Classic Features Refined

FL Studio 20, celebrating the return of classic features including the Graph Editor, Precomputed FX, plus updates to the Channel Sampler.

  • Graph Editor - Returns, better than ever, with an improved note. Perfect for multi-touch control. The larger the touch display, the bigger users can make the Graph Editor.

  • ‘Legacy’ Precomputed FX - Are back, including; Boost (with or without clipping), EQ, Ring Modulation, Low Pass filter, Reverb, Stereo Delay and Pogo (Pitch bend). FL Studio 20 welcomes back tools that crafted the sound of the 2000’s.

  • Channel Sampler - Includes two new Sample Start options. Start Offset – Moves the sample start point and is automatable. Sample Start – trims the sample data to create a new start point, useful for functions that process the entire sample window.

New & Updated Plugins

  • VFX Level Scaler (New) - Scale Note Properties as received from the Piano roll. The graph shows Input-output mapping for Note - Velocity, Release, Pitch (fine), Pan, Mod X and Mod Y values.

  • DirectWave (Update) - Zone's loop types can now be set for all selected Zones at once. New 'Copy to selected zones' option for some Zone parameters.

  • Edison (Update) - 24 Bit file export option.

  • Fruity Convolver (Update) - Added PDC control to support new Linear Phase EQ presets,

    'Linear phase EQ (Long compensated) and (Short compensated)'.

  • Fruity Reeverb (Update) - Now a 64 Bit FL plugin.

  • Fruity Reeverb 2 - Modulated reverb using Modulation (amount) and Speed options to break up 'ringing' or 'metallic' sounds.

  • Patcher (Update) - Reduced memory usage.

  • ZGameEditor Visualizer (Update) - New project 'Wizard' presets. Many new peak-based effects. Layers can be collapsed. Copy/paste layers to and from clipboard. Increased responsiveness to 'Linear' peak effect.

Improved Audio Recording

As we head toward dedicated audio tracks, in a future point-release of FL Studio 20, we are enabling features to support improved recording workflow, including:

  • Realtime display – Live display of Audio as it’s captured in the Playlist and Note data in the Piano roll.

  • Punch in/out – Right-click Time Markers and set them to automate the Master record switch. You can then work ‘hands-free’ with your instrument and be sure the take is precisely located and recorded.

  • Grouped takes – When loop-recording, multiple takes are grouped and auto-name after the Mixer track used.

  • Consolidate takes – When ‘comping’ your audio takes, use the new Playlist menu ‘Consolidate playlist selection’ to merge selections into a new Audio Clip.

  • Hide scratch tracks – When you are ready to clean up the Playlist either use the new ‘Arrangements’ to start a fresh Playlist, or the ‘View > Hide collapsed grouped tracks’.

Listening To Customers...

We’re constantly discussing FL Studio features and workflow with our customers on the FL Studio user forums. Including many rounds of beta-tests and refinements leading to the most requested workflow improvements ...

  • Browser - The Drag-and-drop location of content previews in the Playlist.

  • Channel Rack - Names can be left justified or centred. Menu > Channel name alignment.

  • General settings - 'High visibility' option for those with color/vision deficiencies.

  • Hide grouped tracks - 'Playlist Menu > View > Hide collapsed grouped tracks'.

  • Mixer improvements - New layout options (Compact Alt, Wide Alt). 'Reset selected track(s) to default' - Right-Click option for selected Mixer tracks.

  • Playlist resizing - View > Resize all tracks. Choose from 33% to 200%.

  • Playlist / Piano roll preview - 'Menu > View > Mini playlist preview'.

  • Playlist Right-Click header-menu - Right-Click options to 'Mute all clips' and 'Unmute all clips', to make undo of consolidated tracks faster.

  • More Mixer & Playlist Tracks - 125 Mixer tracks. 500 Playlist tracks.

  • Render dialog - New options to 'Save loop' and 'Playlist markers'. Renamed 'Save Acidized' to

    'Save tempo information'. Renamed 'Save slice markers' to 'Save note markers'.

  • Score logger - Additional time options - 2, 5, 10, 20 or 30 min. Tools menu > Dump score log to selected pattern.

  • Toolbar – Editable with all tool panels 1-unit high to allow for extensive customization.

  • About Panel - Option to show password while typing (no more mistakes!). Option to unlock FL

    Studio with a FLRegkey.Reg file.

  • In-App Purchases - It's now possible to buy plugins & upgrades from within FL Studio.

  • User data – Projects, Backups and settings are now saved to the user system folders to improve the update experience. No more lost files!

What can FL Studio 20 do?

  • Audio editing and manipulation including pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, time-stretching, beat-detection & slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation (cut/paste etc).

  • Automate most interface and all plugin parameters by recording, drawing, spline-based automation curves, automation generators with formula based control of links.

  • Be hosted in other DAWs as a VST or connected through ReWire.

  • Live music performance including video effect visualization.

  • Mix and remix audio including apply real-time audio effects including delay, reverb & filtering.

  • Multi-track audio recording up to the limit of your audio-interface inputs.

  • Record & play MIDI input recording from keyboards, drum pads and controllers.

  • Sequencing and arranging with pattern and linear workflow possible.

  • Synthesizer & effect plugin hosting VST 32 & 64 bit, DX and FL Native formats.


  • Make virtually any sound – FL Studio includes over 30 software synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar, multi-sampler tools including piano & strings, general sample playback and beat-slicing (With Rex 1 & 2 support).

  • Synthesis techniques - span subtractive, modelling, FM, RM, granular and additive. With the addition of FL SynthMaker you can further create & share your own FL instruments, effects & MIDI control dashboards without the need to write basic code.

  • Open plugin standards – FL Studio supports all PC industry plugin instrument standards including VST, DX, Buzz and Rewire. This means you can sequence with your favorite plugins and applications.

Audio Recording & Editing

  • Multi-channel audio inputs - With the ability to simultaneously capture all the inputs on your audio-interface, FL Studio has the flexibility to record a single vocalist, guitar or a full symphony orchestra.

  • Arranging audio - Audio can be arranged, with complete freedom in the Playlist. Features include the ability to host an unlimited number of audio recordings, time-stretching, pitch- shifting, beat-slicing, cropping, editing and the re-arranging of audio with only a few mouse clicks.

  • Edison – FL Studio’s audio capabilities are further enhanced with Edison, the recording wave editor. Edison is an integrated audio editing and recording tool with spectral analysis, convolution reverb, noise reduction, loop-recording, loop-construction tools and more.

  • Newtone – Pitch corrector/editor. Correct, slice, edit, stretch vocals, instrumentals and other monophonic recordings. Convert audio to MIDI data and re-pitch any monophonic melody to another.FL Studio supports WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WavPack, AIFF, and REX audio formats. 

FL Studio supports WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WavPack, AIFF, and REX audio formats.


Compose and record your musical performances and ideas in the most logical way.

  • Pattern or track sequencing – You choose, record your musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL Studio 20 can simultaneously function as a pattern and track basedsequencer. Reuse patterns as Pattern Clips in the Playlist or record song-length sequences, as desired.
  • Step sequencer or Piano roll - Scoring tools include FL Studio’s legendary Step-sequencer, one of the most advanced Piano roll’s in any software studio, event and multipoint automation envelopes. FL Studio supports MIDI input, standard controller compatibility, and the ability to simultaneously control multiple instrument channels from separate controllers.


FL Studio allows you to do what you want where and when you want.

  • Determine your own project design - In FL20, you decide how your project will be laid out, including multiple ‘Arrangements’. Unlike the competition, FL20's Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded workspace where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged and edited to suit your creative ideas and preferred workflow.

Mixing & Mastering

FL Studio provides all the tools you need to produce your tracks to high professional standards.

  • The mixer - is about precision, control and flexibility. The mixer’s tracks each hold up to 10 effects (VST or FL's proprietary format). To create sub-mixes or mixing chains of almost unlimited complexity, each mixer track can be routed to any other mixer track or the Master track. Sends provide the ability to sidechain inputs to multi-input effects plugins. Finally, each of the mixer tracks can be routed to any output on your audio interface, now that’s flexibility.

  • Effects - What about effects? FL Studio includes more than 40 effects spanning maximization, limiting, compression, delay, distortion, equalization (graphic & parametric), filtering, phasing, flanging, chorus, vocoding and reverb. These have you covered for the creative broad-brush effects, through to the minutia of the mastering process.

  • Open plugin standards – FL Studio supports the most important plugin standards including Windows (VST: 1, 2, 3, 32 & 64 Bit) and Mac (VST & AU, 64 Bit). This means you can mix with your favorite plugins and applications.

Lifetime FREE Updates
There may be no such thing as a free lunch but there certainly is ‘Lifetime Free Updates’ with Image Line’s update policy:

  • Never pay for bug-fixes again! – All customers who purchase FL Studio 20 receive Lifetime Free Updates by download. Free updates entitles the customer to all future updates of FL Studio at level purchased (Express, Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle). For example, all FL Studio 20 customers will be able to update to a fully functioning version of FL Studio 21 and beyond, for free.

Demo Limitations

All FL Studio demo versions are fully featured, giving customers access to features associated with the highest level of the program (Producer Edition). Compose new songs and export them to WAV, MP3 or OGG. The only limitation is that projects saved in demo mode will only open fully once FL Studio and plugins have been registered. This gives you the ability to save recover your original projects post-purchase.

Editions - Which FL Studio Is right for me?


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